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Are you looking for a place to grow through sales? Catalyst Promotions is an established company in the field of promotional product sales - a 19 billion dollar per year business-to-business industry. Whether you are new to the promotional products industry, an existing professional in the field, or even an existing distributor, Catalyst Promotions has a place for you!

We offer many advantages over other promotional products companies. With combined experience of over 40 years, we know what works and what doesn’t in the field of promotional product sales. Our team of business leaders and sales representatives has created a model of doing business that prioritizes allowing independent sales representatives to focus on what they love --- building relationships with clients, finding out their needs, and using promotional products to meet those needs and grow their business or organization.

At Catalyst, we know that sales reps want to sell - we handle the rest, and allow you to do what you do best!

New to the industry...

You are an entrepreneur at heart. You love to start new things, meet new people, work hard ... oh yeah, and make money while doing it!

Maybe you have looked into working a “regular” job, but you are not satisified with the pay, set hours, doing thesame thing day in and day out, even needing to relocate and seeing little potential to advance beyond where you are.

Maybe you have looked into other sales opportunities, but you are concerned about the initial investment and being “stuck” selling a product that people do not need and that you may not believe in.

Maybe you are looking to supplement your existing sales business. You have clients who are buying products or services from you, and placing promotional product orders with someone else, and you see an opportunity to compete for that business.

Our grass is greener because...
Existing Professional....

You are already in the promotional products business. You have a client base and you are comfortable selling inside the framework of an established promotional products company.

However, maybe your company has a difficult process for completing your orders, or provides less sales support than you need. Maybe you are unsatisfied with the nickel-and- dime charges for art, catalogs, samples, etc.

Maybe you are ready to build your own brand and advance your own business instead of growing someone else’s company. You have thought about stepping out on your own, but you are unsure about providing art, order processing, and accounting services your business will need, and having the relationships with vendors necessary to provide the products your customers need.

Our grass is greener because...
Existing Business....

You are already running a promotional products company. You have sales representatives working under you and selling for your business.

You are managing all of the administrative duties for your business, either through employees or doing them yourself. You started working in this business because you love to meet people and build relationships with them, and sell your products while promoting their business; now you find yourself spending less time doing the things you love, and more time stuck in the office paying bills, dealing with vendors, stressing over cash flow, generating invoices, and attempting to collect on past due bills. You want to get back to where your heart is, where your strengths are, doing the things you are really good at - the things that make you look forward to going to work every morning.

Our grass is greener because...